Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks (T.H.M.P.) is a not-for-profit Ontario Corporation incorporated in 1972. T.H.M.P.‘s founder, Sidney Freedman, realized in 1965 that a newly structured cemetery operation could be the vehicle for his on-going contribution to the Jewish community of Toronto. It could be operated as a business by a corporation but it could be owned by the whole community in all of its diversity which it would serve for all in the years to come.

Mr. Freedman’s aim was not only to produce ongoing revenue for the community, but also to produce a new model in cemetery usage and administration. It would set new standards for beauty, service, and the correction of abuses. The time had come to make his vision a reality. In 1970, Mr. Freedman bought the land which would be known as Pardes Shalom Cemetery and began the process of rezoning the land for cemetery usage. By November 1972, once some of the approvals had been received, Mr. Freedman gifted both the property and the business to the community through the United Jewish Welfare Fund (today’s UJA Federation of Greater Toronto).

Pardes Shalom was the first cemetery to offer whole sections for the burial of Jews who did not have burial rights through a synagogue or other institution. These individuals were able to be buried in Pardes Shalom’s ‘Community Sections’.

T.H.M.P.’s first cemetery, Pardes Shalom Cemetery, officially opened in 1977. Pardes Shalom is comprised of 89 acres and has approximately 30,000 burial lots. T.H.M.P. opened a second cemetery, Pardes Chaim, in 2010. Pardes Chaim is made up of 200 acres with a total of approximately 70,000 burial lots. T.H.M.P. currently services over half of all of the Jewish burials in the Greater Toronto area.

Over seventy member organizations have already purchased Allotments with T.H.M.P.

Sidney Freedman’s Speech at the Dedication of Pardes Shalom’s gates

“It was almost 25 years ago, that I first thought of acquiring the land for a cemetery ground to serve the needs of Temple Sinai Congregation. Out of the ensuing preminilary discussions, the idea developed that perhaps “.. read more

Sidney Freedman’s speech at the Community Opening of Pardes Chaim Cemetery

“Today we give our thanks to be able to celebrate the culmination of a fifteen year effort in establishing and officially opening Pardes Chaim the second major cemetery ground owned by the total community which it serves.”…read more


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