Our Cemeteries are open on all statutory holidays in 2015 unless the day falls out on a Jewish holy day.

The Cemeteries and our Administrative Office are closed on all Saturdays for Shabbat, and will also be closed on the following dates in 2015 for Jewish holy days:

Sunday, April 5 (Passover)
Friday, April 10 (Passover)
Sunday, May 24 (Shavuot)
Monday, May 25 (Shavuot)
Monday, September 14 (Rosh Hashanah)
Tuesday, September 15 (Rosh Hashanah)
Wednesday, September 23 (Yom Kippur)
Monday, September 28 (Sukkot)
Tuesday, September 29 (Sukkot)
Monday, October 5 (Shemini Atzeret)
Tuesday, October 6 (Simchat Torah)

If the need arises on December 25, 2015, the Cemeteries will open for limited hours, and only for the purpose of interments.