If you wish to read the Government of Ontario’s synopsis of what to do when someone dies in Ontario please click here.

We sell interment rights at the time of need or in advance of need (pre-need). An interment right is the right to place human remains in a grave. However, we do not sell the land that is a lot. Rather, we sell rights to be buried in a grave.  Interment rights may only be sold in accordance with our rules.

We encourage people to consider pre-arranging their rights to burial with us for many reasons. There is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that cemetery arrangements have been made so that the surviving family and friends do not have to make these arrangements.  Many decisions have to be made just after a death, and relieving family and friends of some of the decision-making may be very beneficial.  There is also the benefit of paying the current price for the interment right now so that your estate/family will not be required to pay for the interment right at the time of need. The Province provides a summary of things to consider if you wish to pre-arrange your interment right. Please see this guide here.

If an interment right is required because of a recent death, please contact one of the permitted Funeral Chapels to make arrangements for the funeral.  We can assist with the interment right.

One may also purchase an interment right from our organization in advance of need.

Under our new rules, we also allow for individuals to transfer their interment rights. Strict compliance with our rules is required for any such transfer and we must be involved in the transfer in order for it to be effective.

If you are named on the interment rights certificate, you are the interment rights holder.  If you are an interment rights holder, you may request a burial or disinterment, or place a marker or monument on the grave, as long as you follow our rules.

Before you purchase an interment right from us, we will give you:

  • A copy of our current price list
  • Our rules
  • An explanation of any restrictions on the rights you are buying

If financial assistance is sought for a funeral and burial of a loved one, you may be able to apply to your loved one’s  municipality.


York Region 

Peel Region

Note: Part of the money you pay for interment rights will be placed in our Care and Maintenance Trust Fund. The income this fund earns is used to maintain our cemeteries for the future. The Care and Maintenance contribution depends on the type and cost of the rights.

For more information, please contact our office at 416.635.5595 or info@thmp.ca.