The Jewish cemetery is a solemn place. We ask visitors to keep this in mind when visiting our cemeteries. Please do not walk on graves or eat/drink on the grounds as this is disrespectful to the dead. Also, no pets, except service animals. Rollerblading, inline skating, and skateboarding are also prohibited. Visitors should not participate in any activity contrary to the solemnity and quiet of our cemeteries.

Individuals or production companies wishing to film or take photographs at our cemeteries are required to obtain prior authorization from our office. Please send a written request to

Information to include in your request: Name of production company, name of authorized representative, and details about the shoot, such as production title, production type, shoot timetable and schedule, number of people involved (including actors, extras, and film crew), detailed synopsis of film scenes, and description of equipment (lighting, noisy devices, set decorations, etc.).

Please also provide proof of civil liability insurance (minimum $1,000,000). This policy must include a co-insurance clause for Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks valid for the duration of the shoot.

Rules relating to conduct must be adhered to at all times.

Yes. Our rules can be accessed here.


No. Only cemetery staff are permitted to do work at our cemeteries. If, however, an exception is made, written permission from the Executive Director or Board of Directors is required.


If you belong to a synagogue, temple, or burial society, you should contact the organization immediately. Also useful, Ontario’s website on what to do when someone dies. If you plan to conduct a service at one of our cemeteries, please only contact funeral chapels listed on this website under the Community tab. Chapels will assist you whether arrangements were made in advance or not. Note that we only bury Jews.
The person appointed Estate Trustee has the legal authority. In some circumstances, a legal representative is responsible for making funeral and burial arrangements.
If you are considering burying your loved one at one of our cemeteries, please speak with a funeral chapel accredited by Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks. We operate in accordance with our rules and only bury Jews. Before a burial is permitted, we require written confirmation from the deceased’s legal representative, stating the deceased is Jewish. If, after burial, we determine this information is inaccurate or misleading, we will act to correct the matter.
A burial cannot be completed until a burial permit is issued. A funeral director should be able to help you get one.
The funeral director can provide you with a proof of death certificate; however, this document is not a death certificate. A death certificate is issued by the Province of Ontario and might be needed when dealing with estate matters, insurance, or government benefits.
Tahara (traditional washing and dressing of the deceased), tachrichim (burial garments), and shmira (guarding of the deceased’s body until burial). Psalms are traditionally recited by the individual who watches over the deceased, known as the shomer or shomeret.
Yes. Many Jewish funerals are held graveside. At Pardes Shalom, the Assembly Hall is available for graveside interments and services. If you would like more information about renting the hall, please speak with a funeral chapel representative. If you decide to use the hall for a funeral, you will be asked to review and sign this agreement. To view photographs of the hall and quiet room, see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, and photo 4.
Contact your local municipality to see if financial assistance is available. If your municipality assists with burial costs, there might be some limits on your choice of service. As a rule, we require burial fees paid in full before placing an upright monument or adding an inscription to an existing monument.
If you are Jewish, you can pre-purchase this right. You will need to provide us with documents that confirm you are Jewish. Rights are sold for burial in our community sections. We are currently only selling these rights at Pardes Chaim. Please call our office for more information.
To learn more, you can read the Consumer Information Guide published by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO). The BAO governs and supports Ontario’s bereavement sector.


Yes. Please only use monument firms familiar with our rules and operations. You can find them listed on this website under the Community tab. Other firms are not permitted.
Not all monument firms are apprised of our cemetery rules, forms, procedures, and monument and marker specifications. Only firms familiar with these details are permitted in our cemeteries. You can find them listed on this website under the Community tab.
Social services pays us for opening and closing a grave and covers only a portion of the burial right. Interment right ownership remains with the cemetery. Provincial law stipulates that only the interment rights holder named on the interment rights certificate can authorize monument installation or inscription on an existing monument. If a personal representative of the deceased wishes to erect an upright monument on a social services burial, the unpaid balance of the interment right must be paid in full to the cemetery. A certificate of interment rights must also be issued from our office before an application for monument install or inscription can be approved. If you are unable to pay the cemetery this balance, there is still the option of marking the grave with a small or large marker; however, not with an upright monument. If you simply cannot afford to mark the grave, a small marker can be placed at the grave within a few years of burial and at no cost to you.
Under provincial law, cemeteries must collect monument levies for monuments and markers of a specific size. We put this money toward care and maintenance of our cemeteries.
To schedule an unveiling, we ask that you contact our office at 416.635.5595 to advise us of your proposed time and date. We will inform you if your chosen time is busy with other unveilings and can arrange for traffic controllers. Unfortunately, we are not always kept apprised of monument unveilings, making it difficult for our staff to prepare and direct guests to gravesites. Keeping us informed is important in avoiding scheduling conflicts and fair to others who follow protocol. When deciding on an unveiling time and date, keep in mind that our cemeteries are busy on Sunday in the warmer months between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. If possible, we suggest having unveilings on Sunday either before 10:30 AM or after 1:00 PM.
At Pardes Shalom, the Assembly Hall is available for gatherings. Light meals and snacks are permitted. If you would like more information about renting the hall, please contact our office. If you decide to use the hall for a gathering, you will be asked to review and sign this agreement. To view photographs of the hall and quiet room, see photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, and photo 4.


We aim to plant all flowers by Father’s Day.
On the floral order form, we ask that you mark the re-sod grave option. There is a charge to re-sod. It covers cemetery expenses and materials required to complete the task.
Flower prices are the same per grave, regardless of how many floral beds are purchased.
You have a few options. You can either complete your order on our secure website using your credit card or mail us your completed floral order form. If you mail us the form, please include either a cheque or your credit card information. We also accept credit card information faxed to our office.
For our mutual protection, we do not accept credit card payments over the phone.
If you complete your order on our website using your credit card, you will receive a printable receipt. The charge for this order will also appear on your credit card statement. If you pay by cheque, your cancelled cheque is your receipt. We will send you a signed copy of the long-term floral agreement, which we keep on file. Both parties must sign.
For a set fee, we guarantee your loved one a garden for a minimum of twenty-five years. We invest the money you provide and use the interest it accrues to pay for the garden. Each year, we deduct an annual garden fee from your fund. As long as there are funds remaining, we will keep planting.
Floral order forms are sent out for deceased persons buried at our cemeteries on or before December 31st each year. We do this to ensure graves have time to settle. You will receive a form next spring. If you do not receive one at that time, please let us know.
We cannot take individual requests because we plant 6,000+ gardens in our cemeteries each year. We can, however, make a note of your desired colour and try to accommodate it once all gardens are complete.
Both cemeteries are large properties with varying conditions throughout. Our grower provides us with hearty begonias that typically do well. If, however, flowers are not flourishing, please let us know and we will take steps to correct the issue.
We take all grave-related instruction from the deceased’s legal representative. For this reason, we cannot place flowers unless authorized by her/him. We receive our information about who acts as legal representative from the funeral home involved in interment.
You will need to complete an authorization form, which the current representative signs, authorizing you to take over. From then on, you will receive all floral order forms.
You will receive one form to complete for both loved ones.
Whenever possible, we email floral order forms. This saves us time and money and makes it easier to process orders. We keep your email address on file and ensure it is protected under privacy rules. We do not make your information available to any other organization. If you wish, however, we can delete it from our files.
We encourage you to email us at or call our office at 416.635.5595. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


April to October: Sunday–Thursday 8:00 AM and gates close at 4:45 PM and Friday 8:00 AM and gates close at 4:15 PM

November to March: Sunday–Thursday 8:00 AM and gates close at 3:45 PM and Friday 8:00 AM and gates close at 3:15 PM

Our cemeteries are closed on Shabbat, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Passover (first two days/last two days), Shavuot, Succot (first two days), Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah.

December 25: For burials only, our cemeteries are open for limited hours if there is a need and it is not the Sabbath.

Please visit the Find A Grave tab on this website. You can either download our wayfinding app for your mobile phone or send us a request for assistance. If possible, we encourage you to download and use the app.