Holy books and religious items cannot be thrown away. When they are no longer needed or not being used, they are buried as a sign of reverence and respect. Religious texts and items are known as shemot in Hebrew and sheimos in Yiddish.

We bury shemot in accordance with our policy that individuals and organizations verify items are religious and require burial. We ask that you put this in writing in a letter. Please deliver your letter to the cemetery along with the shemot. All materials must be placed in a cardboard box and sealed. Items should be arranged neatly so that packages can be stacked easily. Boxes should be no larger than 3 sq. ft. and 2 ft. deep. Please list contents on box exterior.

The individual or organization is responsible for bringing shemot to our cemeteries. Arrangements must be made in advance to ensure staff is on hand to receive the items. Payment must be made by cheque at the time of delivery. Cheques should be made payable to Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks. Invoices issued upon request.

Charges for shemot burials are $50 plus tax for the first box and $10 plus tax for each additional box.

For more information, please call our office at 416.635.5595 or email info@thmp.ca.

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