THMP Memorial Garden Path

Memorialize your loved ones

Our annual gardens are a meaningful way for families to memorialize their loved ones. The flowers are pre-planted and grown to our specifications and help to create the vast unified beauty of design in our cemeteries.

2022 Single-Grave Flower Prices

Excluding HST

Annual Garden

$145.00 per year

Long Term

$3,465.00+ (minimum 25 years)


$60.00 per grave

Annual Flower Order Forms

Our annual flower order forms will be sent out in late March.

Order forms can be completed here using your personalized web code found in the top left corner of your order form. (If you haven’t received your order form by the second week of April, please contact our office). 

Flowers will be in place by June 19 if ordered by May 13. If you ordered flowers last year, but don’t wish to order them this year, resodding is available for completion in the fall. 

For more help, contact us at (416) 635 – 5595 ext. 5314 or ext. 5603.


“May the peaceful calm of these grounds remind us how sacred and eternal is each life that is commemorated here.”

Sidney Freedman, Founder

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