Thank you for your interest in our program. We expect to start taking floral orders for our 2023 floral season in late March. For more information, please call 416.635.5595. 

We are pleased to offer a flower program at both of our cemeteries, a poignant way to memorialize loved ones. Flowers are placed on graves and consist of pre-planted inserts, grown according to our specifications. This system provides consistency in flower size and quantity and allows us to plant all gardens by Father’s Day.

Order forms will be mailed/emailed in late March 2023. If you have not received an order form by the second week of April 2023, please contact our office at You will be able to complete your order on our secure floral website, using your credit card. To login, use your last name and personalized web code. The code is displayed on the top left-hand corner of the order form, below your name, and is not case sensitive. If you have any questions, or you need help, please call 416.635.5595 and using your dial pad, select extension 5314 or extension 5603.

We offer an annual/single-year gardening service as well as long-term arrangements. If you ordered flowers last year and do not want them again this year, re-sodding is an option completed in fall. Our office must receive all orders by the yearly  deadline.

2022 Prices for Single-Grave Services, including HST, were:

Annual Garden

$16385Yearly fee


$3,91545Minimum 25 years

Re-Sod Grave

$6780Per grave