We sell interment rights both at the time of need and in advance. An interment right is the right to place human remains in a grave. While we sell this right, we do not sell the land that is the lot. Interment rights can only be sold in accordance with our rules and can be transferred. We must be involved in all transfers for them to be effective.

We encourage people to prearrange interment rights. Preplanning offers peace of mind in knowing cemetery arrangements are made, alleviating family and friends of this big responsibility. Paying for an interment right now also means the estate/family will not be required to do so at the time of need.

If an interment right is needed due to a recent death, please contact one of THMP’s approved funeral chapels listed on this website under the Community tab. Your chosen chapel will help make funeral arrangements and we will assist with the interment right.

If you are named on the interment rights certificate, you are the interment rights holder. If you are an interment rights holder, you can request a burial or disinterment. You can also place a marker or monument on the specified grave. This must be done in strict compliance with our rules.

Before you purchase an interment right, you will receive THMP’s current price list, rules, and an explanation of any restrictions on rights being purchased. Part of the money you pay is placed in our Care and Maintenance Trust Fund. The income this fund earns is used to maintain our cemeteries. Your contribution depends on the type and cost of rights purchased. If you require financial assistance in this process, you might be eligible to apply to your loved one’s municipality:

York Region 
Peel Region

The province provides a helpful  summary of things to consider when prearranging an interment right. For what to do when someone dies, read Ontario’s guide.

For more information, contact our office at 416.635.5595 or info@thmp.ca.