Monuments and markers are designed to honour and memorialize the dead. When considering a memorial for your loved one, we strongly recommend you consult with a rabbi. Rabbis assist with the spelling of Hebrew names and phrases and can also suggest appropriate inscriptions and ways to memorialize the deceased.

Friends and family visit monuments as well as community members and passersby who visit our cemeteries. In Jewish tradition, cemeteries are consecrated and must project an atmosphere of sacredness, solemnity, dignity, and decorum. Our office carefully reviews memorial requests to ensure these elements are maintained on our properties. This is in accordance with our rules and community expectations

Please review our guidelines for monument and marker design, including inscriptions, images, and symbols:

  • Text and images that provoke levity are not appropriate;
  • Human and animal likeness (except stylized raised hands, lions, and doves) are not allowed;
  • Traditional Jewish symbols, including the Star of David, menorah, and washing cup, are permitted;
  • One small symbol reflective of the deceased is allowed and must be located on the monument’s front, bottom quarter, no larger than 7.5″ (height) x 7.5″ (length);
  • Trademarked or commercial images are prohibited;
  • Nothing is to be affixed to a monument or marker; and
  • Only specific text is allowed on a monument’s back side: Deceased’s last name, and first name if desired. Also permitted: “Holocaust Survivor” and a Holocaust Survivor image (Jewish Star of David made of barbed wire) and the names of immediate family who perished in the Holocaust. No other words or images will be authorized.

All design elements must be approved by THMP in keeping with the above. Furthermore, only monument firms familiar with our rules and specifications are allowed to install monuments and markers at our cemeteries. When making arrangements for an install at one of our cemeteries, please communicate directly with your chosen firm.

In accordance with provincial law, a levy must be paid to the cemetery before a memorial can be installed, size-depending.

We are committed to ensuring monument unveilings are meaningful. Therefore, we ask that you contact our office at 416.635.5595 to advise us of your proposed time and date. We will inform you if your chosen time is busy with other unveilings and can arrange for traffic controllers. Unfortunately, we are not always kept apprised of monument unveilings, making it difficult for our staff to prepare and direct guests to gravesites. Keeping us informed is important in avoiding scheduling conflicts and fair to others who follow protocol. When deciding on an unveiling time and date, keep in mind that our cemeteries are busy on Sunday in the warmer months between 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM. If possible, we suggest having unveilings on Sunday either before 10:30 AM or after 1:00 PM.

For more information, see our Rules.

Monument Dealers Approved for THMP Cemeteries:

Alef’s Fairlawn Monuments  416.784.5268

Benjamin’s Landmark Monuments  416.780.0635

Granite Concepts  416.782.1522 or 905.760.0522

Hamilton Memorials Inc.  905.522.0241

Holyland Monuments  416.755.1964

Howard Izenberg Monuments  416.562.4268

Izenberg-Goldberg Monuments  416.787.0319

Memory European Monuments  416.543.2671

Monument Direct 416.640.8380 or 1.877.754.4777

Onlink Monuments Factory Outlet 416.751.1222

Schneider Imaging  905.859.1836

Signature Memorials Limited  1.800.833.1560

Stonecraft  Monuments Limited  416.667.1474

Yad Vashem Monuments  416.782.8995

Prices are determined exclusively by mutual consent of dealer and consumer. Some dealers are related businesses.