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About Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks

We are a not-for-profit, owned and administrated by the community, to serve the community and individuals going through life’s most challenging experience. Sidney Freedman founded THMP in 1972 with the mission to set a new standard of service while fulfilling the rites and traditions surrounding the end of life.

Our mission is to professionally maintain our cemeteries for the Jewish community. Our vision is that our cemeteries continue to provide solace for the living who feel connected to members of our community who have died. Every year, we are honoured to serve the majority of Jewish burials in the Greater Toronto Area.

We make it our utmost priority that any Jewish person regardless of financial ability or synagogue affiliation receives a Jewish burial. While over 70 member organizations have allotments in our cemeteries, over 60% of our burials take place in our Community Section with no organizational affiliation. At THMP, all Jews are welcomed and treated equally.

THMP is run by our own community, with a board of directors and many wonderful and dedicated volunteers whose work is essential to all the things we do.

THMP Larry Nicols Building Entrance
THMP Pardes Chaim Flower Bed

Our Cemeteries

Pardes Shalom

Pardes Shalom (“The Garden of Peace”) was established in 1977 as our inaugural cemetery. It spans 89 acres with over 30,000 burial lots.

Pardes Shalom is home to our Memorial Garden, founded in 2005. It was established after a local Jewish family expressed a need for a place to mourn their son who died in a tragic accident in the Himalayas and whose body was not recovered.

The garden is a tranquil wooded section of our grounds. It was created so those grieving from afar can memorialize and reflect on loved ones who are graveless or buried outside the Greater Toronto area.

For memorial possibilities inside our Memorial Garden, email us at

Our Assembly Hall is also part of Pardes Shalom and can be rented to host gatherings such as funerals and monument unveilings.

Learn more about our:

THMP Assembly Hall

10953 Dufferin Street, Vaughan, Ontario
1.5 miles north of Major Mackenzie Drive 

Pardes Shalom Cemetery Map

(905) 832-2549

BAO License Number: CM-05234

Pardes Chaim

Our second cemetery opened in 2010. Named Pardes Chaim (“The Garden of Life”), it extends 200 acres and has more than 70,000 burial lots, including our Community Section.

11818 Bathurst Street, Vaughan, Ontario
2 miles north of Teston Road/Elgin Mills Road

Pardes Chaim Cemetery Map

(905) 884-1888

BAO License Number: CM-04874

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