Making Cemetery Arrangements

Rights to interment

There is peace to be found in our Jewish traditions and rituals. They link us to our legacy, connecting us all at once to our ancestors and future generations.

A gravesite is a sacred home for those we’ve lost. As such, we have imbued our cemetery grounds with a healing beauty so we can always feel close to those we’ve lost.

Interment rights are currently available for our Community section in Pardes Chaim. They can be purchased at the moment of loss or in advance for all Jews. A portion of the cost of each right goes into our Care and Maintenance Trust Fund and is used to maintain our grounds over the years to come.

If you need to arrange interment at one of our cemeteries now, please contact any of our community funeral chapels. They will be able to assist you with transportation and any funeral arrangements and we will work in tandem with them.

About our pricing

Making funeral arrangements can be very difficult for families as they go through a very emotional time. It is important to us that Jewish end-of-life rituals are accessible and affordable to all who need them.

If you are currently faced with a loss and struggling financially, social assistance might be available to you. Please let the chapel staff know so that they can put you in touch with the local assistance office. Everyone deserves to be laid to rest with dignity, regardless of their financial situation.

“As the generations move on, the cemetery becomes a repository for the history of that community. That history speaks to us of who we were. It reminds us of who we are. It tells us who we may yet become.”

Sidney Freedman, Founder

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