NEW! Discover Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks’ Find A Grave app, launched in 2019. Available for iOS (Apple) and Android. If you have already uploaded the app, you may need to now load the update of March 2021.

Find A Grave is a wayfinding system that helps you locate graves at our cemeteries, receive GPS directions, and view monument / marker photos. It also offers easy access to general information, contact information, and past searches. Download it to:

  • Find graves through a simple name search;
  • Get directions to graves via Google Maps;
  • Search and upload monument / marker photos;
  • Gain free access to online burial information;
  • Connect with us via the Help feature; and
  • Get updates on cemetery closures, weather conditions, and events.

Alternatively, if you would like, we can e-mail  grave directions or GPS coordinates to you. GPS information is a helpful approximation for those unfamiliar with grave location. We aim to respond to all requests within three business days. For more information, please contact our office at

Pardes Shalom Map

Pardes Chaim Map