Memorial Garden

Proudly opened in October 2005

Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks opened its Memorial Garden over 17 years ago. It is a place where families can memorialize and mourn loved ones who are buried elsewhere or have no known burial site.

THMP Memorial Garden Benches around Main Pillar

Creating the garden

The idea to create a memorial garden came after THMP was approached by a Jewish family that had lost a son in a tragic accident in the Himalayas, where his body went unrecovered. Without a grave, memorial, or marker, they sought a concrete place to mourn and reflect on his life. Over the next several years, it became clear that many people in Toronto’s Jewish community would also benefit from a reflective space to memorialize the graveless as well as those buried outside of the GTA, including in South Africa, the United States, post-Soviet states, and Canada at large. From there, THMP planned its memorial design and brought it to life as a place for deep reflection and connection with the deceased.

The Memorial Garden is located in a tranquil wooded area. Its natural beauty promotes reflection, contemplation, and remembrance, providing continuity of Jewish tradition. We offer individuals, families, and community groups a wide range of memorial opportunities, such as the install of memorial plaques on memorial walls, benches, trees, and boulders. Since Toronto already has a designated Holocaust memorial site, our focus is on memorializing more widely and supporting persons grieving from afar. For more information, call us at (416) 635-5595 or email

“Memories are a way of affirming the lives of our beloved dead and the relationships we shared with them, enabling us to live a sweeter life. Pardes Shalom’s Memorial Garden is a hallowed place to remember special people who are no longer here in body. Their families and friends will now have the honour, privilege, and comfort of sharing moments with them, while experiencing nature, remembrance, and spirituality all at once.”

William C. Draimin, President

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